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when the church shows courage and imagination

I recently experienced a moment of deep hope, and want to capture it, if I can.

Around a table with pioneer leaders and their support team, we watched as the fruit of years of building relationships exploded with bountiful life.

A situation of lifelessness, disappointment, and abandonment has become over two years an opportunity for flourishing for the pioneer worker, the realm of God, the community. By partnering with a church of another denomination the mission of the church, rather than the empire of a denomination, will grow. By partnering locally, support will be more readily available to affirm and enable this innovative minister on what can be a lonely edge of the church. With a visit from one of the residents of the community, we heard first hand how relationship through this pioneer has healed a broken spirit, and taught this person to care again.

What else does God ask of us than this?

I felt privileged to be around that table, to experience the joy of possibility, witness t…

Sing on.

An ode to Manchester. 23.05.17 

Petals bled their white
and red, from roots
buried deep under hearth
of home; but the Song
outgrew the Roses.

Streets and theatres burst
exploding from a spark
buried not so far from hearth
and home; but the Song
drowned out the Blitz.

City centre blast
to rubble, the cord
buried within the hearth
of home; but the Song
outlasted the Troubles.

Small shadows flicker
light eclipsed, the switch
buried by the hearth
of home; but the Song
will outshine Terror.

midweek musing: aid for those seeking refuge

This week is Christian Aid Week. Christian Aid began in response to the number of people seeking refuge after World War II. This beginning reminded me of a story from my (in)humanity series: a response to those who needed refuge, protection, help, during World War II.

Books and Writers for Christian Aid


midweek musing: wondering what if?

If there was a full time storyteller-poet, also an ordained Christian minister, what could she do for you?

What might you hope you could receive from her?

Where might you seek to meet with her?

How might you want to support her?

Who could this person be for you?

When? When could this happen for us?

These are not rhetorical questions. Nor are they the only questions. Your engagement is invited and encouraged. I do not want to muse on this lot alone.

one story, our story: rediscovering Easter

I left the midweek musing space free for the week after Easter, as I wrote a few posts in advance. I anticipated being moved over Easter, by the story, the gatherings, the moment. I have before. But I wasn't this time, even with a Good Friday vigil, a Passion Play, and Easter Day's rousing hymns of joy. It's the third Sunday of Easter now, as I write this post, and I think the story might finally have plucked the strings.

This morning we celebrated communion at Greyfriars. We sing the Agnus Dei in our communion liturgy there (which is not always sung in communion liturgies at home).

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, grant us peace. 

I've been reading some of the work of Beverly Roberts Gaventa for my thesis, for she is working on Romans, and her insights have been helpful as I explore the questions raised by my embodying of …