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Passionate about Storytelling


October: another month of creative opportunity

Check out the box on the right to see where I am planning to be telling stories and sharing poetry. October is full of rich potential, from five Thursday Art Caf├ęs at Augustine United for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival - beginning this Thursday, 1:30 – 3:00 pm - to two Sunday mornings visiting church communities gathered for worship, and this evening of poetry and spoken word, alongside two wonderful poets. Looking forward to meeting you in the stories! 

Participation in 'Gathering Words' and the Arts Cafe is made possible by the generous support of patrons through Patreon. Support sarah tells stories in the nurture of human wellbeing through creativity at
we are fully human together 

midweek musing - a mixed metaphor of motherhood and midwifery

Having watched series 1 – 3 of Call the Midwife again recently, and with my sister becoming a mother this week, such images have provoked reflection on the writing process again.

The metaphor for this week's musing is going to be fraught with imperfections, but I have been wondering if being a writer is like being both mother and midwife at once?

As a mother, there is the moment of conception – the spark of creativity, inspiration – the idea (baby) begins.

Then the midwife takes over, with knowledge and wisdom and experience, keeping an eye on the baby's (idea's) growth and development.
The mother, too, feeds, tends, loves the baby – struggles with the adjustments within, makes space for it in her attention distracted from other things, preparing for the arrival.

Then there is the waiting. For a long time, there is not much more to do than wait, as the baby / idea grows, in its own time (more fluid for an idea than for a baby, I grant you), until it is ready to enter the w…

Throwback Thursday celebration of poetry


midweek musing on story and life

This week's musing comes from the opening words of some story workshops I will be leading in coming days.

 ‘To have a life, you must have a story. In fact, many stories. … Your life is not like a story; it is a story. And if any part of it is to have significance beyond you, this story must be told.’ My story is not important because it is mine, as much as because if I tell it well, you will recognise that it is in many ways also yours – Frederick Buechner (cited in Daniel Taylor, Creating a Spiritual Legacy).
Sharing stories strengthens community: in this profound sharing of our lives, we nurture the teller of a story by hearing and thus affirming that person and their worth, which is a gift of healing. The teller of a story offers a gift of their life to the hearers of the story, who receive this gift as an affirmation of their humanity, and may find deeper understanding of their own story, and thus move towards greater wellbeing.
So stories encourage life.
Our passions enrich an…

Throwback Thursday Poetry

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and in Australia, R U OK Day.

Keep an eye out for your friends, ask each other if you're ok, answer the question honestly, and care for yourself and others.

We are fully human together.

midweek musing: the stories we tell ourselves

What stories do we tell about ourselves? And what trouble do we invite when we tell a false story about our self?

I am no good at money. 

Telling such a story of herself, a person might invite complacency, irresponsibility, or poor decision making in order to make the story true. A person might tie herself in knots with worry, bound by an unhealthy, untrue story restricting life.

Accepting such a story of another, a person might assume of her complacency, irresponsibility, or helpless dependence on others. A person might thus diminish the humanity of this other with disrespect and unseeing.

But what if this person – who may not like money very much, may not naturally hold figures and budgets well in her mind – has actually been living a different story for many years?
What if she told the story of how she has lived on an uncertain, fluctuating and limited income for her whole adult life without encountering a major financial disaster?
What if she told the story of how she has developed…

throwback thursday celebration of poetry : Van Gogh's Starry Night

Listen to the poem on SoundCloud.

midweek musing: an exploration of purpose

Purpose as the point at which that which I love, that which the world needs, that which I am good at, and that for which I can receive a living meet. This is an interesting picture.

I don't tend to use 'vocation' in these terms, as something for which I can be paid: vocation is, for me, my calling, my way of life, and that is rarely income-producing.

The time I am spending in Scotland could still be understood in terms of this picture, as a working out of purpose.

What I love is story and poetry, is humans, is God. 
I love story and poetry: they show me who I am, who we are, they have led me into fulness of being.
I love humans, flawed and beautiful, and I am committed to living by the truth I have discovered, that each human is not fully human without other humans.
I love God. Always have. Breath I breathe, story I live, the hope I needed when all hope had gone.

What the world needs is story and poetry, is each other, is Sacred Love. 
We need story to show us who we are, t…