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of the ways we learn and know

I've just watched a TED talk by Sugata Mitra in which he talks about SOLE - Self Organised Learning Environments. He presents some very interesting and insightful thoughts on teaching and learning, and pushes the listener with his vision of humanity as having made knowledge obsolete. (I would argue, which I think is perhaps what he might actually be observing, that we have perhaps moved beyond a certain way of knowing and using knowledge, with our advances in technology in particular, but that knowledge is not obsolete, nor its partners wisdom and understanding.)

It got me thinking in various directions.

I read somewhere that in different eras, humans have given authority to different things, and in our era, led by generation Y, we tend to give most authority to experience. In such an era, we are remembering to value intuition* and imagination. This might also explain the resurgence of intentional storytelling (we've always been storytellers, but in recent years we appear to b…

and here I come!

Well, it seems that this is the year for sarah tells stories!

In the space of a couple of weeks, I have had a paper accepted for presentation at an international conference for the first time, and had my first collection of poetry accepted for publication.
To be honest, the details organising the realisation of these opportunities has got a bit overwhelming at times, as establishing a new - is this a business or ministry, or some hybrid of both - initiative, then, takes a lot of time and energy, and money, none of which are terribly abundant in my life.

But when the Spirit moves and you find your dreams coming true, somehow if you continue to trust and to seek, you find what you are looking for. So I won't despair. The words will come, and so will the money, and through sarah tells stories I will make a contribution to scholarly conversation about the role of narrative in many facets of living, and, I hope, to the wider community with my poems.

The conference is the 4th Global Con…

of life and living beyond death

The Secret Garden re-told on stage as a musical. It works. The Gilbert and Sullivan Society production of this musical transported me to India, the old Craven house on the Yorkshire moors, and that garden. Also into the world of spirits, as the ghosts of Mary's family and carers and of Archibald Craven's wife Lily haunt the stage and the characters, taking us sometimes back in time to the early chapters of the characters' stories, and sometimes deep into the despair of grief.

We seemed to be invited to view the spirits or ghosts as 'haunting', a negative lingering after death because their loved ones will not 'let go'.
But as I was reflecting on this story, I remembered my reading group that had met the previous day, where we heard of a book on grief whose author challenges the notion of 'letting go' of our loved ones who have died. Instead, she suggests that we might be more helpfully helped into healing by reintegrating our loved ones into our liv…

of spirituality, experience and discovery

I am so excited to be teaching this course with Steve Taylor and Mark Hewitt. Ten weeks exploring spirituality through our senses = ten weeks of fun!! Please come and join us.