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It is all too common for Christians to attempt to do justice to the scriptural narrative by listening to it, learning from it, and attempting to extract a way of viewing the world from it. But the narrative itself is asking us to approach it in a much more radical way. It is inviting us to wrestle with it, disagree with it, contend with it, and contest it—not as an end in itself, but as a means of approaching its life-transforming truth, a truth that dwells within and yet beyond the words.
This is from Pete Rollins' website, and resonates in a tangential way with the thinking I'm doing this week. I've been writing essays, at last, or at least, doing the research for one, and it's on the difficult metaphor of Woman Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16 and 23. It might be tempting to chuck out these difficult passages, as irrelevant, distant, unhelpful, dangerous, perpetuating patriarchal assumptions about women's sexuality that are fundamentally wrong ... however. The passages ar…