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of dominant stories that make us blind to rarer gifts

There is an expectation in my culture - and I can only really speak for my own - that every woman will find a husband, every man will find a wife. I suppose this began with the primal instinct for the survival of the species, and became the dominant story lived and told generation after generation.

I wonder: has this made us blind? Have we made it almost impossible to see the gift of alternative stories, the stories lived and told by the man who loves a man, the woman who loves a woman, the woman or man who, by choice or circumstance, remains single.

For there is, indeed, a gift in love, no matter what the gender of your partner.
We celebrate marriage - the commitment of two people to each other in partnership for life - in order to celebrate love. The Sacred Story of my tradition (Christian) equates God with Love - affirming that Love is Sacred. Do other faith traditions likewise affirm the Divine source of love?
The dominant story has limited these celebrations to one kind of intima…

water fusion


TEDxAdelaide : the story as gift, a story of grace

Here it is, folks, the TEDxAdelaide talk I was so delighted to have the opportunity to give in May this year. Please go to YouTube and 'like' it!

when writing becomes a distraction from writing ...

Sometimes writing is a process of distraction, so that the words will come. With an honours thesis to write at present, writing is actually becoming a distraction: poetry, books, stories are all getting written and discovered while I am meant to be writing about Esther and Mordecai in the Old Testament / Tanakh Book of Esther.

I was invited to share my opinions on the upcoming election for The Transit Lounge, and the thoughts came out as a poem: you can read it here.

A story I have been trying to write for a year wrote itself on a walk last week.

The book telling the story of an experiment in an alternative church community - The Esther Project - began to write itself on a day I thought would be a day off.

A delightful 16 minutes was spent exploring the life-giving gift of poetry with Ken Arkind's TEDxDenverTeachers talk.

It's all been creative and fun, but I do hope the words for the thesis will find their way to the surface again soon ...

poetic play

I've been having fun playing with an iPhone app 'instant poetry'. you get random words, and make a poem out of them. it's interesting to see what words you choose, and how sometimes you take whatever words come and others you wait and wait for the word you want ...

I called this one 'sweet potent song'

oh, and you can add pictures, play with the colour of the words (though I left them black and white for this one)

review: Prayer and Our Bodies

Wisdom is what remains true over time

I read Prayer and Our Bodies(Flora Slosson Wuellner, Upper Room, 1987), devotionally, chapter by chapter each morning. With its guided meditations concluding each chapter, it's quite well suited to this approach.

Daily reflection was one reason for reading this book; another was professional development. I offer workshops on prayer from time to time, so I was mining the book for exercises and insights for those settings; my biblical studies research is exploring an embodied performance hermeneutic (way of interpreting biblical texts by embodying them for performance, a la storytelling), so I am interested in reading a range of ideas on embodiment and spiritual practice to inform those ideas.

In some ways it is evident that this book was written more than 20 years ago - many of the ideas and observations Wuellner presents as new struck this reader as commonly accepted wisdom. Positively, that is affirmation for the ideas and observations. I sti…

a meditation on faith

I composed and offered this for gathered worship @ Belair Uniting this morning, inspired by stories from Hebrews chapter 11 and Luke chapter 12.