the miracle of sunshine through the grey

By some miracle, I have begun today like the sun streaming through my windows - bright!

It was a night of broken sleep, tears and desperate longing for rest.

In response to the lamenting update on Facebook land, I received hugs, encouragement, solidarity, love.

In response to the blog posts of recent weeks, I have received care, solidarity in sorrow and disappointment, and more hugs, encouragement, and love.

Thank you.

You, my friends, family, colleagues, have said you are coming with me on this journey deeper into my Spirit-led calling.

You may want to come for the joyful discoveries, the new learning, the vicarious view of the world through my words and pictures. You will enhance the joy for me through sharing it.

I need you to come for the struggles, the challenges, the hard days when I can't sleep, can't get out of bed, can't find the words I want. You will bring about miracles of sunshine through the grey.

Thank you.


Heather said…
I'm just coming because you're there. :-)
sarah said…
I can sense you with me, a very strong presence, dear friend x

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