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Midweek Musing. Remembering

How do we remember who we have been, to honour the work, the moments, the learning and growing, while continuing to grow, learn, inhabit the moments, work for our present and future?

As a person who appreciates the symbolic - rituals, gestures, signs and symbols - I place symbols about my person.

On several occasions, in quiet moments together these past two weeks, my three-year-old niece has asked, ‘Aunt Sarah, what is that on your arm? Where do your rings come from? What about your earrings?’ And I reply, what does it look like? The picture on my arm looks like a feather, as does one of the rings, another is a butterfly. They come, the rings, from Santa Fe and Scotland, Adelaide, England, and Prague.
I don’t tell her yet, but I am certain I will as her already sound understanding grows even more, that the feather ring and tattoo are symbols of the season in which I stood confidently, embracing my identity and role in the community as storyteller-poet-minister. The Scotland rings con…

Midweek Musing: A new year has begun.

And what have we learnt from the one we’ve left behind?

Christmas 2018 was the first Christmas without their mums, for three friends from childhood / youth. I have learnt, again, to treasure those we love. Two weeks before Christmas, my mum turned 70. I was able to fly home to spend the day with her, as a surprise. To be with her, just enough extravagance to make the day feel special, without going overboard: that was the best gift to give. I was home for Christmas, too, and have been back on two other occasions, both for birthdays as it happens, in this first year living in Canberra. I’ve had two visits from family members as well. Presence. I was able to put more money towards gifts this Christmas than I have for the past three or four combined; but it’s the being present that is even more valuable than the quality gifts. Presence. Family. Love. I learn over and over how profound are these gifts. Hold them close.

January 2018 ushered in a new decade, a new season of life.
This seaso…