Midweek Musing: responding to the story of Koala Blue

People have been listening to Blue, Koala? and sharing their responses to the story. Here is a selection for you to muse on, and be inspired to listen (and maybe even purchase and download) the story for yourself!

I feel so fortunate to have been involved in this project! I'm glad the world can engage with the story of Koala Blue. I had a great time creatively collaborating
– Grace Mitchell, Artist for album cover, and the forthcoming printed book 

I love the story. It took me on a trip, panic as I reflect on friends who are often in a hole and me unaware.
But also joy, so hear that people kept looking and kept close by even when not ready to come out of a hole.
I need reminding that those people are in my life too.
A resource I hope to use with my young people - where appropriate. And for personal reflection.
– Nicole, Adelaide

What a beautiful gift to the world. 
– Donna Marie, Black Mountain 

The story is truly clever and insightful, truthful and honest, and yet full of hope. There are some great lines that allude to some of the realities of mental illness: about Koala Blue having neither climbed up nor jumped into the river; about Goanna that 'if she heard then she did not understand'; and Wombat's comment that 'if she's in a hole I know how to dig', alluding to the why and how Wombat has the wisdom that Roo seeks out. It is thought-provoking and also encouraging for someone who can relate to some of the characters. Really enjoyed and appreciated it
– Alice, Adelaide

a story of depression, and friendship, written and recited by my dear friend Sarah.  Only $7! Great for big and little kids!!
– Melissa, Adelaide 

The book sounds wonderful, deep, honest, not scary but totally real.
You are an amazing artist, poet, story teller.
– Tamar, Jerusalem

Our friend Sarah Agnew has a story to tell. It bears learned wisdom worth hearing, and gentle challenges worth receiving. 
– Craig, Adelaide 


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