Christmas Blessings

From Sarah Agnew to your worship celebrations and under your tree: gifts of story and poetry for Christmas.

In church

Christmas Anticipation
This is a bargain, with stories, play scripts, liturgies, poems, and prayers for a very small fee. Enough to keep the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany stories alive for years to come!

To speak to the heart 

On Wisdom's Wings 
Sarah's first collection of poems tells stories of discovery of self, love, healing, God, place in community.

The Only Constants 
This collection of poems depicts life in a season of change and the threads of friendship, love, and Sacred Presence that remain constant throughout.

To listen with your heart 

In His House 
Stories and poems composed and recited by Sarah for your listening pleasure. Woven through with inspiration from her beloved Shakespeare, these pieces travel through love stories, the intrigues of spies, battles with depression, and a pilgrimage to a dream come true. 

Blue, Koala? 
Sarah has composed and recited this story of a Koala who loses herself in a dark hole, and her friends who search for, find, and wait with her until she emerges once more into the light. Told in verse to delight listeners of any age, this is an honest depiction of depression and its impact on those who love the ones who suffer.

For the stocking 

In Prayer and Protest 
A small collection of poems for the poignant moments in life. 


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