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Release date: 10 October 2017
Blue, Koala? has been enjoyed by live audiences for a number of years, in many places.
When Koala Blue (known as Ruthy to her mother) gets herself lost inside a dark hole, her friends search for hither and thither for her. With the help of a new friend made along the way, Koala Blue's friends keep her company as she slowly makes her way back into the light. 
A story of depression inspired by my own story and many dear and courageous friends who have sat alongside the darkness whenever I have fallen in, Blue, Koala? is a gentle but honest depiction of the experience of depression. This is a story for anyone who has sat in or beside the depth of despair. 
The cover artwork is by fellow Adelaide artist Grace Mitchell, and isn't it gorgeous?!

The release date for the audio recording of Blue, Koala? is 10 October 2017, World Mental Health Day. Mark it in your calendar, and spread the word with your friends: here is a story to hono…

Midweek Musing: on belonging, and the gift of presence

People worth listening to: Krista Tippet and Padraig O Tuama. While I'm in Italy this week, giving my presence to my best friend as a present for her birthday, I leave you with Krista and Padraig here together in a conversation for On Being.

Midweek musing: out of the shadows

People have participated in loving, committed, life-long same-sex partnerships for ever such a long time. Until relatively recently in human history, they have participated in those relationships in the shadows.* But now, society is changing, and same-sex relationships are in the light - rather uncomfortably in the spotlight in this heightened time of readjustment of our understanding and ordering of society - but no longer hidden, shamed, punished.**

Why were same-sex relationships so shunned?

Why was heterosexuality so insisted upon?

I suppose for the survival of a species that reproduces by means of the uniting of male and female genetic material, the natural inclination of most of the species will be in that direction. So this establishes a 'norm'. And what differs from the 'norm' is feared.

At a most basic level and in the earliest history of humanity, perhaps that fear has to do with survival of the species - if male and female DNA is not united, the species does…