Pray the Holy Week Stories

The season of Lent is reaching its climax. The story of Jesus is reaching its climax. How will you finish the season, how will you enter the story this year?

Over on Pray the Story, I will be posting a prayer-poem for each day of Holy Week. For these poetic invitations to pray in response to the story, check in each day, or sign up to receive Pray the Story posts by email.
Already available for those planning worship gatherings are prayer-poems for Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Don't forget there are some downloadable (and eminently affordable) resources for Holy Week and Easter through Wild Goose Publications, from me and from others.

Follow the tags below for thoughts I've shared here in the past on Holy Week and Easter.

And however you enter the story this coming week, may the Spirit inspire you, challenge you, and transform you.


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