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Hope, and faint, magic, light

A few weeks ago, my sister was visiting. She wanted to take the opportunity to try to see the Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights. So we went off on an adventure.

Others will have done it differently, but we packed up our work and boarded a train through the highlands. As we marvelled at the wilds of Scotland we wished our dad was with us, for how he loves this countryside. A second train further north for the real adventure – chasing the northern lights. Would the weather be kind? Would the geomagnetic magic arrive at the right time?

We walked by the beach and across the river. We found gifts for friends far away but always in our thoughts, memories packaged, tangible connections to another part of the world.

We ventured out into wind and dark, and bitter cold us South Aussies are unaccustomed to facing. Truly our faces felt pulled from freezers, and our fingers – we couldn't feel them at all (gloves notwithstanding).

Finally on our fourth and final night there it was, behind the…

Midweek Musing: Guest post. But still on storytelling.

This week's musing comes to you from Phil Ruge-Jones, storyteller and keynote speaker for this year's Network of Biblical Storytellers' Festival Gathering. Enjoy.

Thoughts About Living the Story
Storytellers nurture hearts of compassion. The unhardened heart is a host with arms wide open, inviting in friends and foes. Within its chambers are many acquaintances of forgotten names, and adversaries as well. They may be forgotten by the mind but they are kept in the body. The sacred story often summons this multitude and invites them to dine with us. Sometimes we dine laughing with friends remembered again ... or weeping with them. Sometimes we hear the story and find ourselves sitting at a banquet table in the presence of our enemies. And sometimes we discover among those adversaries our own former selves, the people we were at our worst, what we'd rather forget. In all these invocations, we are welcomed to reencounter our past in the presence of the sacred, and in sacred…

Midweek Musing: What might the Bible become?

I've just come home from worship with the community at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh. Richard Frazer led worship and preached, and I heard in his reflections on the Sacred Story resonances with my own ideas, ideas that weave through my thesis. Here are some rambling attempts to bottle the good stuff I heard (Sunday 22 January).

What is most interesting about the Bible is what it is yet to become. Richard cited these words of another, and my heart said, yes! That is how a storyteller approaches the Sacred Story – seeking to discover what it may become in her as she embodies it, amongst the community as she tells it aloud, and in the listeners as they take it to heart. What will the Story become?

Those in power are right to be afraid, for the Bible has potential to become liberation when its stories are enfleshed in those who receive it. In so many places in the world, Richard told us, the Bible came with Empire. But within it, the Bible held a story of liberation from Empire (or many …

Midweek Musing: preparing endings and beginnings

As you near the end of a PhD, not only are you writing and revising and editing and polishing to a deadline a rather large piece of work, but you have an eye to the future, and possibilities for employment.

And as I look at the possibilities, I begin to wonder if I might not be better off getting myself a husband or wife, who would be less interested in being a husband or wife and more a friend and sometime co-habiter, but primarily supporter of a wandering bard ...

Just a thought

In more serious moments, I scour the internet searching for academic postings in Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Ireland, Canada, (sorry, can't face the prospect of the USA right now), even French speaking Europe. New Testament, Old Testament, Biblical Studies, Homiletics. Teaching, research, post-docs, short term, permanent, casual, part time, full time. I found an interesting post-doc in Belgium, but the timing wasn't right. A couple of times a job has looked promising, but the theology of the…