Midweek Musing: Singing Christmas part 5

But Christmas Day was last Sunday? Surely Christmas is over, and we can start eating Hot Cross Buns for Easter now?

Um. No. In fact, one of the stories from the Bible we usually tell at Christmas is from well after. But that's next week's song.

This week. The highly historically, factually accurate story of another visitor to the manger.

For some reason, Little Drummer Boy is my Dad's favourite Christmas song. It has been for so long I can no longer recall if my sister and I learnt to play it on piano and clarinet because it was his favourite, or if it is his favourite because we played it together.

Little Drummer Boy is my favourite, because it gives my Dad such joy; and because it gives my sister and I joy to play it together, to play it for him. So for me, this song takes me to the heart of my family, and we're a close family, and I am far away.

My hope is that I will be in Adelaide, and Deb and I will play Little Drummer Boy for Dad again, next Christmas.


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