Midweek Musing: GradSchool Learning Part Four

This May, I participated in a GradSchool professional and personal development course, run by the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Academic Development. In a series of four midweek musings, I reflect on some of the things I learned those three days.

Part Four: someone to listen. 

In that creative session I described last week, we were invited to find someone we'd not spoken to yet over the course, and to be a mirror for each other. As one person reflected on where they would go next from these three days, the other had a series of questions to pose, but would say nothing else.

We would ask about what we wanted to do. What challenges might there be. What is already in place. What first step will we take this coming week?

This is a short conclusion to the series.

As Weavings Magazine recently posted on Facebook
All I want to do is to note how profound that was, as a gift to each other. To feel within oneself the commitment to implement the learning, and have someone bear witness to that promise I made to myself added weight to the moment. I was affirmed, encouraged, and determined to make good on those promises. And I have.

To see in her face the joy of realisation that there was a goal she could set, and achieve, was a privilege. I think of her, and hope she has fulfilled her promise to herself, as well.

This sums up my experience of the course overall: the willingness of the participants to expose themselves to each other in naming their goals and dreams; the commitment to personal and professional development taken seriously enough to have fun with it; the generosity of spirit to listen, encourage and challenge each other to reach for those goals, and to grow.

So from these four reflections on learning, what will you take?

Inspiration for enlivening your experience in teams and groups?

Encouragement for the various ways you participate as a leader and a member of those groups?

Renewed affirmation for the role of play in your work and your life, as a way to learn and build strong relationships?

Will you take up the challenge to stop, be present for another, and bear witness to their goals and their dreams, committed to encouraging their success?

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Heather said…
A space for sharing, listening and then reflecting:yes it is indeed a gift. I'm wondering about how to create more spaces like that. So glad to be in touch with your stories, Sarah! - and may those goals of yours be realised.

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