Midweek Musing: remembering

Heading into phase three of the PhD, write up and editing, the midweek musing is a reminder to myself of what it is I am doing, and why.


Glenys said…
Hi Sarah
How honest you are and how I feel for you. One thing struck me. The bit about the place where you had previously lived all your life. In a recent blog http://glenbwrites.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/moving-or-staying.html I mused on my slight envy for those who have stayed put. Although we haven't moved a lot of times, I still find myself amongst people who don't know my story. A recent visit with friends who shared the growing up years of my children was indeed refreshing.
I've also written recently about the positives of electronic communication and cited my relationship with you as one glorious example made possible this way. We share our stories.
You are never alone.

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