carried: home

I walked with a yellow star,
one of the fallen flakes
leaving the arms of the ones
who gave them life; she showed
me the last of the brushes, singing
to the wind and the wide blue sky;
then I let her go and we each
took flight.


Aran said…
You know how today, 30th April, is the 70th anniversary of when Auschwitz was found and liberated?
I was reading this poem a few times and thinking, to myself, umm yellow, not the colour word I would have used; the photo is, well, more pale orange, brown, tan ... and then I remembered I had just noted the Auschwitz post.
Yellow star, free to fly

sarah said…
That is a wonderful perspective from which to read this poem. Wasn't intended in a literal description of what I did - walked carrying that yellow 'star' and noticed the bottle brushes, wind and sky. I do love how receivers of a poem bring their story, the stories they are sitting with to a poem, and find something new in it. Thank you

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