Friday, 18 March 2016

The power of yes!

Do you remember when you last read a book that moved you, inspired you, delighted you so much that you recommended it to all your friends, lent it out despite your rule because never mind the risk this book must be read by all, bought it as a gift just because?

What if you were that book to someone?

What if your gifts, work, presence in a community was thus appreciated?

What if someone shared your poetry, recommended your websites, bought your book as a gift, invested in you because they want you to be shared with others?

Would that, do you think, affirm you, encourage you, inspire you to keep doing what you do, be the best version of you that is at all possible?

Might it make up for the times others put your book down, aren't inspired by your work, prefer the poetry or research project or facilitation skills of others?

Will you, when you are inspired by someone, moved by their work, delighted enough to share your experience, do just that, in gratitude and affirmation of the beauty you have found?