Focus, breath, presence

As I finalise preparations for the performance of the letter to the Romans, I am ironing out the transitions that are not going smoothly, polishing expressions, strengthening gestures.

I feel like Derice in the movie Cool Runnings, in a very short scene (watch here, then go on to enjoy the end!) in which he sits on the floor in his hotel room rehearsing the track, the movements of his body to guide his bobsled, his team, safely and successfully down the hill.

I, like Derice through those photographs in his imagination is in the sled taking those corners, in my imagination am inside the story, building into each section awareness of what follows, preparing for the transitions even as I speak this current paragraph.

I am inside the letter, it is inside of me.

A few more days of sitting on the hotel floor with photographs, training the body and the mind, breathing deep. Then I go to the top of the hill, no three team mates or coach; but a crowd cheering ready to bear witness to a story well told.

All I can do from there is trust the work, trust the story, and trust the Spirit of whom I am more aware than ever having gone through this process.


Heather said…
- and you CAN trust.

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