Midweek Musing: to sleep, perchance

Well, here is a musing for you, midweek, and in the middle of, immersed in, the living of the dream; a poetic musing to dispell the romance of dreams coming true, though hopefully, not to put us off having dreams all together.


The Niagara whirlpool where
my stomach should be rages,
weeks before the Big Stage.

I cannot sleep.

Treetop twittering will not dim,
but spills to wilfully engulf the whole,
stumped, trumped, fallen unable to let go.

I cannot sleep.

The heavens' expanse is empty
of little diamond beams to fly
towards, reach for, soar upon –

I cannot sleep, will
not sleep, not
relinquish and submit –
but oh, how I want to


Heather said…
What would make you not want to sleep, in the middle of wanting to rest?
Why do I think that I have all the answers to someone else's insomnia, only to be greeted by a mind full of worries myself?
I wonder why, knowing the onset of Big Stage, you can't just ramp up to readiness?
I wish you restful sleep.

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