Tuesday, 9 February 2016

In which I finally write a poem for my niece

I was feeling grumpy, then I saw a photo of my niece. I had just eaten some food, which probably also helped. The smile returned. I realised I had not composed a poem for her yet. The words flowed freely. And I shared this poem at an open mic night tonight, rather than a rather darker one.

A New Aunt's Gaze

I look at you
and I see your mum
who I held in my arms
as I hold you now,
three long decades ago,
only yesterday

I look at you and I see
your dad, my brother
now in the law of love
forever and always

I look at you in
flashes across my screen,
saving moments, crossing oceans
between us and we
are together again

I look at you, most
wonderful creature
I ever beheld, and whatever
felt frozen is suddenly
puddles at my boots –
look at you, miracle, gifted
reminder of all that is worth
holding on to, look
at you!

1 comment:

Glenys said...

So beautiful and worth waiting for, She is only little and will one day see the beauty of these word.