Stories, Humans, Fear and Love

It's been a while since I shared a video with you, and as the International Storytelling Festival began this weekend (runs all week), with its theme of Stories Without Borders, I have after only one event already been reminded of my (in)humanity story series. So here is another from that series, as performed at Caf√© Voices, Scottish Storytelling Centre in July this year.

I heard the story of St Magnus from New Zealand singer-songwriter Malcolm Gordon, who had the flag of St Magnus in his guitar case, and was composing a song version of the story when we met.

Inspired, and instantly making the connection to other stories I had been collecting, I went home and composed this spoken word version of the story. It is my version, one among many from Orkney and beyond.

Do watch, and share with friends, the story of a man who chose to act with love in response to others' choice to act out of fear.


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