Pile high the barricades,
turn up the heat, get in
supplies then shut up tight
turn out the light, endure
another enemy attack inside
and all alone.

Body shot!
Wind ripped clean away from icy cage.

Head shot!
Stumble, fumble, dazed and all confuddled.

For days you have resisted,
bones and muscles stretched beyond their limits,
will deflating, white flag raising –

wait! Remove your quilted
shield, peer over cushioned walls
and regard your enemy, know
the terms of your surrender –
see – it is not the blackened warrior
of old this time, no, smaller
bodies this invasion, antlike,
viral but not virulent.
Put down
the flag, open the gate, give in and save
your strength to pick your body up

wherever they may leave you.


Heather said…
Blanky viruses...

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