Midweek Musing: making the uncommon choice

It's not easy being green.

You see, most people are gold. They all start green, but generally seem to be on a progression from green to gold. The ones who stay green longer are usually waiting for circumstances to change, wishing they were gold, trying various combinations until they settle on the shade of gold that suits them. But most people are trying to be gold.

Some, one or two, here and there, choose to stay green. It might be a gold-tinged shade of green, or it could be a bold, confident green.

Now, when someone who has chosen to be green – a bold, confident green – starts wishing they were gold, it is worth analysing this desire through an interpretive lens of suspicion. (Let's ask 'why?')

Is there something wrong with your choice to remain green?
Was the choice made for inadequate reasons, because the change to gold hadn't occurred, so in order to stop yearning for gold, green was accepted, chosen, in defiant response to circumstance?
No. The choice was made after a long struggle to understand identity, and see the green as necessary, welcome in the embrace of a life-giving vocation. 

Was green the appropriate colour for a time, but now, after all, gold would be better? Is there a shade of gold, rare or perhaps unique, that could be found?
Perhaps. Though a past experiment with a unique shade of gold suggests there is a reason those shades are rare - they are complicated and it is difficult to sustain with integrity. 

Shall we look beyond the choice, then, and ponder what has prompted this current dis-ease with being green?
Nearby, someone green found their shade of gold, another two are changing too – and our someone is feeling odd again, outside again, alone again.
Be gold, the world keeps saying, nay, shouting – GOLD is right and good and best.

The gold ones don't understand the choice to stay green, and some can not even see you. Although one or two, here and there, will celebrate your green, and sometimes you will even spot a bold and shiny green across the room, most will, in their delight at being gold expect that being gold brings delight for everyone. But it does not.

Challenges will arise, from time to time, for those who have chosen green, have decided not to search for gold. You will wonder if perhaps it would be easier to be just like the rest. But remember, then, this shade of green fits you well, it is your style. Yours is not a green of waiting, but of embracing life and being well. And in truth, the thought of being gold upsets that feeling of being well, a little retch of 'not for me'.

It will be difficult, it will be hard, to be green and green alone in room upon room of gold-coloured friends. But if it is right (and it is), then it is good – though it is not easy being green.


Heather said…
I love the way that you have framed this. It gave so many glowing images of people in shades of green and gold.
Being any colour doubtless has its rewards and its huge struggles. Being a common colour (gold), I know that this is very difficult at times.
Of course your self and your writing will be valued by some of us regardless of your current colour. :-)
sarah said…
Thanks Heather
the misunderstanding a green person experiences from gold people is, I admit, most often from those for whom gold is at that moment a place of contentment and delight.
It's one way of exploring one perspective, and I hope doesn't diminish the challenges of those of gold colour in the process.

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