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off-white grey shrouding invisibility falls: the black dog rises

Lenten lament

reading Psalm 6

As I read the psalm, I heard the cry -
How long, O Lord? 
I weep many tears. 

As I drew the words, drew the tears,
the cry I heard was no longer that
of an ancient Hebrew King,
but the cry I heard, the tears I felt,
are those of the many
held in captivity
on islands off the shore of my home island,
held there because they challenge our human
covenant to care.

my Lenten disciplines this year are not to give up, but to take up - reading a Psalm a day and reflecting on it with colour; a photo a day to pay attention. 

pulling on the hand brake and catching up with myself

Life feels a little bit like the racing carriage down the bank vaults at Gringotts at the moment (Harry Potter reference for the uninitiated). I am squeezing on the breaks to slow down enough to take note of where I have been this week, lest I forget.

A follow up conversation with a person doing a couple of things I have been invited to take on later in the year, and I accepted the invitation. More on that when the time comes.

Another shift at the maths and English tutoring job, where the steep learning curve got steeper, and I again felt transported into an oasis away from the rest of the world and only these children, this task, this moment mattered. It provides a shift in momentum and perspective I hope will be life-giving.

Facilitating a workshop inviting participants to learn from my practice as a storyteller and discover tools and approaches from story and storytelling that might enliven their practice as teachers and academics standing before audiences to communicate. Here'…

I am ready

slow crack in the deep dark
through the surface leaves
the sun pulls and pulls
long hands warm
midwifing new life
sunlight moonlight cloudburst
small wings bear witness
the new birth
petals unfurl and sing!
                         I am!

I am ready
for stars sparkle from deep

another poem inspired by the contemplative spaces of NiteKirk, Edinburgh. 


this morning I joined others from the alternative church community The Gathering in leading a 'Gathering' style worship space for the Sunday congregation of the City Methodist Church who employ our facilitator, Lou. 
we chose the theme 'love', connecting in with Valentine's Day celebrated around the world this weekend. 
I told the story of Jesus receiving the gift of love from the woman emptying her alabaster jar of ointment on his head as he sat at the dinner table, also a story of his gift of love in the gracious way he received her gift. 
we were invited to share our recollections of stories of people in whom we have seen God's love, and then to be creative with reflections of how we experience God's love ourselves. 
I go to words first, usually, with any invitation into creativity. these are the words that came this morning. 


it smells like coffee
and chocolate brownies
it feels like a big
squishy warm hug
it looks like a look -
eyes meeting in underst…

invitation to support sarah tells stories


a week in the life of a storyteller: health and wellbeing restored

Fever, aches, nausea, thickness of head had dominated the previous week. Plans cancelled, work suspended in a fog of sleep and catch-up tv watching.

This week, optimism led to a premature return to activity, and fellow church-goers worrying I would not make it home without fainting part way there. I did. Make it home, that is. 
Pessimism and downright despair exacerbated the fever and nausea on Monday, as worry about diminishing bank balances led to concern that the rent could not be paid. I applied for more jobs, having been unsuccessful with the last round. I received a phone call. Thank you for your resume - are you free to come to a recruitment session tomorrow? Free? Yes. Well enough? Just. I will come. 
I met with the managers of the centre, which offers tutoring in Maths and English to children aged 4 to 14, and met with some of the kids. From job ad to phone call and now here in the centre itself, my enthusiasm for the job grew beyond the necessary income it could provide. I h…

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I just couldn't wait any longer - it's a new page, with plenty of room to fill with stories and poems, but it is here, a way to support sarah tells stories with regular pledges for regular creations.

You, the readers of this blog, have been such faithful supporters of the stories, poems and general musings shared on this page over many years. I am grateful for you all. These works will all continue, and continue to be available for free.

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further, from my Facebook page:

this is the story: I have travelled far from home to keep learning and growing as a storyteller-poet-minister. It is a remarkabl…

a generous turn

As I turned the corner where you were standing,
waving pamphlets at passers by, silent,
but with a loud stare, I stopped
myself from giving you the benefit of my
wisdom. I could not stop the thoughts, the
what do you hope to achieve with that waving
of pamphlets, even the giving of pamphlets
or someone's reading of your pamphlet; and
why waste your energy standing on a frozen
street corner waving pamphlets – do you realise
you are not commanded to save the world, but
to love?

               Why not love?
Why do you not spend your energy
and passion building relationships with people,
rather than waving at them from street corners in assault
with accusation that we are wrong, assumption
that you are right, have one righteous, true
and holy path unto salvation?

Are you afraid? Do you fear that the God you put
your faith in might not be up to task, that
your salvation might be withdrawn when God
discovers you do not deserve it, that others might
be missing out on life in fuller richn…