note to self: things to remember from your weekend of poetry

Where the Scottish Poetry Library is.
You were welcomed here,
warmly, G&T on arrival, greetings
from interested and interesting people
wanting to connect through this shared
It is full of poetry books, books
about poetry, gatherings for the reading
and writing of poetry.
Come back.

When you do, look
for these poets: Fiona Sampson, you
liked the way she gave voice
to her words, their pattern
and rhythm; also what she
had to say about the craft and culture
of poetry. Don Patterson, who told of looking
into the eyes of his dog as she breathed
her last and took you there beside
them both. Maciej Wozniak, whose
Polish poetry was captivating, though you
did not understand - was there need?
Sasha Dugdale. Evocative, thoughtful
word pictures you want to read
again. Come back.

When you want to meet with poets
again. Come back. Gather around the table
here and read and talk and hear
poetry. Remember the friends you made
between these shelves, nursing coffee, dropping
croissant crumbs everywhere: the poets and students,
performers and readers and listeners.
Remember these people. They are your
people. Go find them elsewhere, in theatres
at slams and recitals and caf├ęs. Find them
again. Come back to these new
friends and make them old

And mentors, perhaps, or peers with whom
to share and challenge and discover.
Especially the women, who still,
in the poem world as all
over the world are drowned out
by bolder men, by tears, by
our inability to swim our way.
Dive in. Write. Read. Write again.

Come back to the poetry, write,
speak it, send it, share it,
Sarah, share your poems, or
don't, but for goodness' sake, write
poems, read poems, meet
poets - for here, you come
to life.

Live courageously, and write
your notes to yourself in
public, and in the form
of a spoken word slam
poem, in memory of the pondering
with others about the slamming
of a new form of poetry by poets
who claim to embrace
the edge,
where we belong.

Come back.
Come back to the poetry, for
though you may not know,
always, the meaning it is offering,
and though sometimes poems and poets
will challenge and disturb, above all,
poetry will always welcome you
with warmth, friendship,
and a G&T.
Come back

to where the Scottish

Poetry Library



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