A sacred event from the Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts

Honouring the Sacred - Communion

Does your community have questions about communion…

What does it mean? Why do it? Grape juice or wine? Pre-cut bread or loaf? What do I say when serving the bread, or the wine? What components can I cut out? What needs to be included? How can children be involved?

Come along to the Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts’ event Honouring the Sacred - Communion to explore and discuss.

Led by Rev. Sean Gilbert (Minister of the Word and faculty member of UCLT teaching liturgy and worship) and Rev. Sandy Boyce (Deacon at Pilgrim Uniting Church).

Tuesday June 17th, 6.30pm
Burnside City Uniting Church,
384 Portrush Rd, Tusmore

$15 per person or $75 for as many people from your worship team and/or church. Pay at the door or online at http://www.trybooking.com/83177
Includes a light meal. Please RSVP by Friday June 13th to admin@cmla.org.au

This event is for everyone - those who buy and prepare the elements, those who preside, those who serve, and those who receive. Bring your whole team.


Pam Faro said…
Sarah, this looks like a wonderful event!
And I have "an official announcement" (cough cough) to make: I've "nominated" you for a Liebster Award! - which I've never heard of before last week, when I got "nominated." You can read all about it, a somewhat-whimsical way to connect and recognize and spread the word about favorite blogs, on my blog today [http://www.storycrossings.com/2014/06/11/connecting-story-crossings-nominated-liebster-award/#more-2995]. Whether or not you "accept the award" (do all the stuff the "rules" say) and participate in the Liebster daisy-chain is of course up to you - but I wanted to nominate your blog! I find this Liebster Award thing a nice connecting-cascading process, so chose to do it... All the best, Pam

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