Dry Bones to Beautiful Things

This is provoking my thinking in preparation for the stories we'll hear in gathered worship on Sunday.

as are meditations from Wild Goose Worship Group (Present on Earth), Bruce Sanguin's poem 'Plan Be' (from If Darwin Prayed), and this reflection from Bill Loader.

I also have this one of mine in the back of my mind:

to lament

I lament
I do not hope
I do not sing;
I shed no tears –
for they have fallen
            with city walls
            with soldiers, women, children
            but not the guilty

I have cried an ocean,
crossed them too:
a new world far from home.

my tears have all
and they will not return
cannot return
to this deserted place
this exile space
and time

I lament
I do not
have faith to hope
though I have faith

[On Wisdom's Wings, 2013] 

Update: click here to read the reflection that flowed from here. 


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