you're welcome

1. promise to break things kept

if there are no boats sinking,
no-one drowning
(for we have stopped the boats);

if there are no parks dying,
no trees to save
(for we have stripped them all);

if there are no rivers drying
up or rising salt
(dam them all!);

if there are no mentally ill,
undereducated, unemployed
first or second Australians
(out of mind the lot of 'em) –

then there is surely nothing left
for us to do but receive your thanks
(you're welcome): and thanks
will be quite enough

2. self - servants

we have no need for placards,
for fact sheets, reviews or reports;
we have no need of any help,
your vote is thanks enough,
for we will do very well to pat
each others' backs, or our own - so save your voices,
don't waste time sending us letters
and emails and tweeting your opinions -
we really have no need of you;
please oh please, what ever you do,
do not remove our blindfolds.


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