Lenten reset : day one - evening

For Ash Wednesday, I borrowed a portable labyrinth from a neighbouring church, printed the words composed by Cheryl Lawrie in her hold this space pocket liturgy, put on a cd mix of appropriately reflective music, and opened our church for any who wished to walk and be still, to pray, to take on the sign of the cross in ash, and enter the presence of God.

Before others arrived, I walked the labyrinth. Standing at the centre, I suddenly felt the vulnerability and exposure of having shaved my head. Of having removed something of myself, my outer skin. Of having laid open my flawed fearfulness, my loving solidarity, my humble devotion.

In response to my previous post and the photos, I had heard much in the way of affirmation: beautiful, amazing, you can pull any hair cut off. Others have been confused, bemused, or shocked.

After a dozen folk had come and gone through this Ash Wednesday contemplative space, I took out my notebook to record what I was feeling. I suppose I could shape it into a polished poem. But, for now, I'll let the stream of consciousness stand.

I feel vulnerable, exposed,
my spirituality, my soul,
my angry grief at cancer's
story bare as my head
and I stand at Ash Wednesday's
threshold crying,
relief, I think, humbled to
be allowed to tell this story
of Spirit, grace,
of God with us now
and ever
               with humans
for humans
                   for life
                           for love
and perhaps that's what's in my
falling tears, love,
gratitude for this life, the choice
I am free to make to do
without so that with my meagre
offering I might respond and say
I care - I love - these humans
here with me and in their stories
I will stand, inspired by God
who stood in human shit
and skin his bones
our bones his flesh like
ours and we his body
now that into God's divinity
our Christ Messiah has
              I weep
I leap an ode to love
to life


pamfaro said…
Thank you, Sarah.

I would love to walk in that space - thanks for posting the photo.

Your "stream of consciousness" is good for my soul tonight.

Blessings -
sarah said…
Thank you Pam x

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