Lent reflections : day one

Driving down the hill from Belair my stomach felt like it wanted to come out my mouth and go back home.

Sitting in the chair at Verve in Hawthorn, my hands were shaking.

Are you ready? Razor on. Razor off.

Are you ready? Yes. Just do it.

And so Bek turned the razor on, and off came my hair. (see this previous blog post for why)

First response: another Verve customer gave me $10 towards my own donation to the cancer council.

Hairdressers: it suits you, you have a great head for it.

My responses:
1. There's me. I can see me.
2. I can't believe I actually did it.
3. Running my fingers over the remaining stubble - that feels really soft.
4. I may stick with natural. Even though it's still the grey blond I didn't like when I started colouring my hair.

Walking outside, the first thing I noticed was feeling the air on my head.

Sitting at home, stomach now upset only because lunch was so very long ago, it feels good. Another thing on my 'one day' list actually done, excuses begone.

And lent begins.


Anonymous said…
Be blessed, you brave thing.

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