interlude: The Idea of North

North Adelaide. St Peter's Cathedral. A cool, wet autumn evening.

The Idea of North.


I could stop there, and perhaps, really, that would be best.

What was sublime?

Nick's versatility.

Sally's control of those super high notes.

Naomi's clarity.

Andrew's resounding bass beat.

The arrangements that bring out the best in the individuals, the group, the song.

The delight of all four in the music, each other, the moment, space, audience: the gift.

The German folk song about a tragedy but so beautiful in its melody, its harmonies.

Amazing Grace revived for a 100th birthday, sung with love.

Sting's poetic story.

Paul Kelly's 'Middle of the Air'.

Putting the microphones down, and without them seeing how effortlessly the music flows through these vessels, instruments, artists - like breath, which, of course, it is.

The sacred space. A sacred moment. My soul is restored. In the middle of the air indeed.


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