in which I ask myself, why did I stay at home?

[on the night of the Light the Dark vigil, 23 Feb 2014, having heard Matt 5:38–48 that morning]

was it because it was too hard,
or was it too easy, to light
a candle, hear speeches affirm
your righteous belief in good,
that you did not go to the square
with the others?

was it because of how you are,
fragile, broken easily, no
energy – or is it who you
are, solitary, retreating, or

were you overwhelmed, feeling helpless
in the face of so much suffering, so
much cruelty, fear seeming stronger
than love?

was it uncertainty at the purpose,
for one or for all, or do
you not yet know for whom to light
the candle?

because perhaps there is discomfort
at the movement's critique of government
as though 'they' are not also humans
in need of compassion? Sure,
their actions diminish the fulness
of being of the scared
and desperate humans seeking
refuge in our land - and
remove a measure of our humanity
and their own as well

but there is a part of me that wonders
what it would be like to light
a candle for Mr Abbot, Mr Morrison,
the man who pulled the trigger
and those who stood by watching
chaos unfolding on that island
prison camp – could we restore
a measure of humanity, give life,
give love to those we have made
the enemy?


Anonymous said…
Oh, Sarah, this is so insightful. Bless you, dear one.
sarah said…
thank you Glenys x

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