'Love's Coming' - another artistic merry christmas post

your artistic merry Christmas comes to you today from me. wrote and offered this as part of the reflection for Belair Uniting Church this morning. 

Love’s coming

Love came down at Christmas, all
lovely, all divine, as Love had been
coming to earth – to the lowly
and lofty alike – since earth
came into being
at Love’s own instigation,
imagination, Love’s own
loving generating more
and more to love.

Love came down at Christmas in
the Christ-child, and the Christ-
child grew with Love to show
Love to all the world,
as others had done, have
done, and do now
among us – do we see
what they see, hear
what they hear, know what they
know – Love? And all
Love’s beauty, possibility,
reality unfolding and setting us free
from fear?

Love came down at Christmas, came
out, came around, and through
and up; and love was caught
by Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and exotic
travelling philosophers, spread
by angels like a healthy
virus propagating  life, rippling
along as from butterfly
wings – duck out of the way or step
into the flow of a river
of Love coming again
and again wherever Love’s story
is told.

(c) Sarah Agnew


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