body count

listen here

bodies carved in grains
of sand on France's northern
                      in memory
for other beaches painted red –
fields and streets and trenches,
rivers and homes and towers –
fighting humans forgetting
we are human together

nine thousand silhouettes
tell the story of our regret
at our forgetting –
it's a story we keep repeating
but do not seem to learn from
as war rages on in city streets,
            on desert sands
counting the lives, the deaths,
like counting grains of sand

when will it stop?
why can't we stop?
how do we stop on this day
of remembering, silent one
                    but do not stop
the combat, the killing, the fear?

                     hear the cry
for peace, from God, the earth,
our selves
                     heed the cry
for peace, lay down your guns
                              the fighting
                                   the killing
                                        the crying


for more than just one minute


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