the only way I know

for the land that burns in New South Wales,
those who live there, and those who are responding

as the rain falls
and birds discuss the weather
or whatever their tweets
are saying
I paint the rainbow,
greet the moon, and wonder
how to pray today?

how to pray as blue
mountains turn orange-
red, covered with a fiery curtain:

lighting a candle seems crass
somehow, and rudely out of place;
how can I walk when others run, in flight
or toward the fight of their lives?
is there a song i could sing, or music
play to pray the flames away?
would a dance send these clouds
to empty over there, though their gift
is not redundant here?
                                             in the face
of tragedy I cannot fathom
only encourages fear - but love
is the better food for prayer.

So I roll the ocean and spread
the wings of the dove and breathe.

When I look up my prayers have been
spoken, and I know they have been received -
though I don't know
                                what I said.

(c) Sarah Agnew

note: tai chi moves are referenced, in case you're wondering.


Heather said…
Sarah, that is very beautiful. It holds within it the feelings of both powerlessness and deep concern. Thank you.
sarah said…
thank you Heather.
and you're welcome :o)

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