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It feels terrible to have to listen to someone tell the story of women in Papua New Guinea who need protecting from violence, knowing that when they ask you for money at the end of the story, you'll have to say, I'm sorry, but I can't help.

Amnesty International have advocated for these women and helped to change legislation that offers better protection for them. But so many of the women do not know of the changes to the law; do not know they have avenues for help.

One of the laws that was changed was one that meant you could charge someone with sorcery and legally have them beaten, tortured, and beheaded in front of your community, as one teacher was earlier this year. Thank goodness - and Amnesty International - that archaic law is no longer.

I wish my purse strings were not drawn so tight. I wish I could spare some money to help. Perhaps I can have another look, find another hole to plug.

In the mean time, what I can do is help to tell the story, and encourage any who can, to please help support Amnesty International as they reach out to the women of Papua New Guinea to educate them, and the men, and help change a culture of violence towards women.

Go here, learn more, donate if you can.


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