when writing becomes a distraction from writing ...

Sometimes writing is a process of distraction, so that the words will come. With an honours thesis to write at present, writing is actually becoming a distraction: poetry, books, stories are all getting written and discovered while I am meant to be writing about Esther and Mordecai in the Old Testament / Tanakh Book of Esther.

I was invited to share my opinions on the upcoming election for The Transit Lounge, and the thoughts came out as a poem: you can read it here.

A story I have been trying to write for a year wrote itself on a walk last week.

The book telling the story of an experiment in an alternative church community - The Esther Project - began to write itself on a day I thought would be a day off.

A delightful 16 minutes was spent exploring the life-giving gift of poetry with Ken Arkind's TEDxDenverTeachers talk.

It's all been creative and fun, but I do hope the words for the thesis will find their way to the surface again soon ...


The Fourth Cuzketeer said…
I had a burst of ideas and inspiration while helping my girlfriend with her own writing. Then she helped me with mine. Helping others really does help oneself. :)

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