of hope that we might be well

Your local blogger was considering writing a post expressing gratitude for a gift she had given herself. She had been feeling the stress and strain of a full and busy life with little chance for rest and time out. There were things to do, but the hero of our story decided to withdraw from the world for a day, take the time out she needed, and rest, rather than pushing hard and continuing to do everything. The day was just what was required, and at the close of the day the stress and strain had eased a little at last. 
At the opening of the new day, our blogger found she could face the tasks, embrace her role, with energy and enthusiasm, which was much more helpful for her community than a tired and grumpy minister would be. 
And so, as she was considering sharing her discovery, once again, that rest is necessary for our health, and that health of individual is vital for health of community, she wondered if, indeed, it needed to be said again: or am I becoming a bore, always reminding us that we are only fully human together? 
But before this thought had even finished forming in her mind, our blogger remembered the stories that had been playing on the television screens and newspaper pages in recent weeks: we haven't got it. For the stories her nation had been living were stories of disrespect for their leader, stories of disregard for the desperate seeking freedom. With every act of disrespect, with every moment of disregard, can we not see that we diminish humanity? Theirs, yours, ours? That great commandment, the golden rule of every culture, nation, faith, to love as you would be loved isn't just about how you would like another to treat you. How we treat another is how we treat ourselves. How we treat ourselves is how we are treating each other. For communities are as healthy as the individuals in our midst; individuals are as healthy as the communities in which we live. My health is your health is my health ... 

And so she posted her thoughts and her discoveries, hoping and praying that her fellow humans would see their wellbeing is bound up in the wellbeing of all. 


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