we three metaphor

I wrote this to welcome the banners into our worship space that are on loan to us from Rosefield Uniting Church, and are the creation of my friend, Grace Mitchell. They are of three kings, and bear the titles, one each, 'one' two' 'three' 

We three kings –
one two three –
to a king
a threat we’ll be.

From the orient are
we, and yet,
for us, as well,
this king will be.

Bearing gifts,
three, for one
most precious
and long awaited king,

we traverse afar
far away to
foreign fields
of promise and hope.

We three kings,
or more, princes,
wise ones, we

have followed a star,
our intuition,
charts and books,
wisdom, a dream,

across fields, past falls,
through valleys,
over mountains, more
days more nights and on

the star travelled;
the ancients taught
us to understand
and read the signs

of promise, hope for a king
like no other;
peace for all,
and joy, and love –

love was all we felt,
love the gift we got,
brought to silence
in his presence.

No book or teacher
ever captured the true
of this moment;

this Divine coming
among us with wisdom,
with light, with glimmering,
shimmering hope.

© Sarah Agnew 


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