I wonder if she knows that I am thinking of her still?
I wonder if he knows he lingers on my mind?
they pulled up beside us for a moment, for a night,
in their blue home on wheels, clothes packed tight
behind the front seats supporting a mattress beside
the back making a bed above the wardrobe.
they asked us to trust them, sought no more than permission,
wept when we went further, unlocked the door,
opened our hearts, and cared.
have you had a good life?, she asked without judgement
or envy - yes, I simply answered, yes, I have.
Listening for a moment, I held her story in my heart:
giving her story to a stranger, a story rarely shared,
I wonder if she imagines the gift that she has given:
an invitation to love, no gift will ask more of us,
no gift will give more to us: no gift will make us, more


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