A prayer for Newtown

I wrote this originally after the shooting in Oslo in July, 2011. I have adapted it in the wake of this latest tragedy. 

God, there are lots of words we want to say to you,
lots of people we want to pray for with you,
places we want to give into your care.

Today we want to say things to you about Connecticut -
we want to say, Why?
We want to say - No!

We pray with you for the people of Newtown
those who have died,
their family and friends who have lost sisters, brothers,
children, friends ... 
so many of them so small, young, vulnerable ... 
the people of the city and the country whose hearts are breaking -
our hearts are breaking with them,
and we know your heart is breaking too.

We pray for the emergency services people finding the broken bodies
healing the wounded,
searching for the missing,
protecting the living.

We pray for the person who has done this terrible thing
for his troubled soul, 
his family and friends who survive him ... 
and we pray for those who are investigating:
may calmness and wisdom guide them. 

We give to you what is your land,
the country of the United States of America
may you be known there as peace and love.
We pray for the lawmakers of that land,
holding in tension the interests of many groups in the community,
and seeking to protect the lives of their people.

May we not forget the town and the people of Newtown
in the weeks and months as they heal.


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