Sunday, 7 October 2012

of the little ones at the table

I'm taking issue with a reflection offered in Disciplines again. This time, the writer has commented on the story in Mark's gospel account of Jesus welcoming the children.
Overall, the idea of the reflection that we must do as Jesus does in this story and others and look for the little ones - the marginalised, unseen, vulnerable in society - and welcome them to the table (as another way of saying welcome them to take their place as members of our communities).
The writer says this, however, that these little ones to whom we offer welcome, 'bring nothing to the table.'
Here is where I take exception. I acknowledge that the writer in the same paragraph does appear to be talking about the 'nothing' being resources.
However - I wonder if this actually devalues the contribution a marginalised person might offer by presuming that what we have to offer is physical resources.
Strip away the physical resources, and the most precious, vulnerable thing we can bring is all we have left to bring - our selves, our humanity, our being.

Does anyone, really, ever come to the table empty handed?

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