of God's justice and our response

Reading Psalm 146 and its trust in God who contrasts the oppressive, unjust ways of earthly rulers with justice for the poor and liberation for the oppressed, it occurs to me to consider our response. 'Our' being my white, middle class, western, educated point of view.
We could hear these words and respond, phew!, I'm glad God's got that covered, and carry on our merry way.
Or, we could hear these words and respond, well, if God is with the poor and oppressed, and I am with God, then my efforts must also be to bring about justice and liberation from oppression. 
And in such a response, we find that God is acting for justice and liberation through us. Which is a theme we see again and again through the Sacred Story - God acting for the wholeness and healing of all creation through humans. That is our particular place in this creation, partnering with the Divine for the good of all living things.


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