WA Story Tour: Days Four & Five

Rest days.

Having two days before I needed to be in Perth for the next workshops, I decided to hang around in Margaret River and enjoy the region and some of what it has to offer.

On Sunday, Cathie had driven home through Borinup Forest - a magic spot that has become one of my favourite places in the world. It is hard to describe - the way the trees seem suspended, the forest floor appears to fall giving you the same sensation of your stomach dropping that you get driving over a sudden rise in the road, the sense that this is somehow, or was, one of the many caves dotted through this region ... it's right out of a fairy tale.

So Monday, I returned, pulled the car over, and walked to the viewing platform. I took some photos. Mostly I just soaked it in. The silence. The birdsong. The stillness. The falling.

Tuesday I visited the chocolate factory, Providore (gourmet food & winery), Hayshed Hill (winery), and the cheese factory. A feast for the taste buds, and olfactory glands. Favourites were the herb-infused cheeses, an dark chocolate almond nougat extravagance, a dark chocolate liqueur, and a shiraz trahillo.

The afternoon was wet and wild and windy, so I retreated indoors, venturing out only to get supplies for dinner - I cooked my not terribly famous, but old faithful, spaghetti bolognese for my host family, whose welcome has been a precious gift.


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