Sunday, 26 August 2012

WA Story Tour: Day One

Day one of the WA Story Tour was travel day. It was an early start on Friday to the airport for the flight to Perth - the three and a half hour flight gave me time to rehearse stories for the weekend workshops and worship. And snooze.
Half way into the flight, a coughing fit started that I feared would last the whole second half of the flight ... thankfully with throat lozenges and water it calmed down, but I did suspect that the cold I caught last weekend would cause problems this week.
Arriving in Perth, my luggage came out quickly and I picked up my hire car, set up the gps (thanks Cogs & Dave), and was on my way.
The drive down from Perth to Margaret River was an easy drive, and it was a great day for a drive; fine and not very hot. Following the gps, not using a road map with the broader geography, and with the highways all bypassing the towns, I felt a little disconnected from place, kind of like I was driving through a wilderness. The desert-meets-beach landscape enhanced the feeling for me. It wasn't an unfriendly wilderness, but it was over an hour before I reached a roadhouse actually on the road (and that made for a very late breakfast).
I was struck by all the yellow lining the roadside, too; which struck me as appropriate for a state whose colours are yellow and black.

Driving through wine country, I recognised winery names, and encountered a town whose name includes 'cow' - and they have gone to town on it, with cow sculptures on every corner! If I return that way, I'll post a photo or two!

Margaret River seemed on arrival to be a lovely place, and I found the home of my hosts without too much trouble, warmly welcomed and with stories being shared right away. The tour has begun.

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Craig Mitchell said...

It's a looong drive, isnt it? There's a whole "paint a cow" thing that youmay hear about...