Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Prayer for a friend who is dying

(or perhaps a prayer for me as a friend is dying)

God who knows us more intimately
than we know ourselves,
my friend is approaching the transition
from this life
                   to what comes next,
from known
                   to unknown.

Be for him a source of comfort
and courage; be for him
the peace he seeks:

peace that he has lived into
the fulness of his being
with love and honour for you,
and others, and himself;

peace with his mistakes,
the mistakes of others - peace
that he has forgiven and been forgiven;

a peace that even as I pray
I do not understand for what I
am asking -

but we trust

we trust you

in this moment of need, we
trust that you are here
you are here

you are here

you are.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sarah.

Sandy Boyce said...

Beautiful words for such a difficult time. Thank you.