Saturday, 23 June 2012

of a culture of communication

After our first session of the Synod and Presbytery of SA last night, I thought some more about an image / phrase I heard - creating a culture of communication.
This was raised in relation to how we discern the use / distribute property surplus to the needs of the church.
A culture of communication, more broadly, as I thought about it, might mean that instead of sitting in safety in our church over here, and wondering about your church over there with your strange music, odd gathering times, and various other differences, and feeling oh so different and far apart, we might actually cross the road, talk to you, ask about your gatherings and learn your songs, teach you some of ours, as we get to know each other, and discover, perhaps, how much we have in common ...
And as we continue on with the conversation, and other conversations arise through the afternoon, my hope is that we would commit to the challenge and the opportunity such a vision and a dream and a goal.

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