of healing & restoration

the skeleton for the reflection in tomorrow's gathered worship @ Belair Uniting Church 
the Biblical stories are of Naaman (2 Kings 5) and Jesus healing a leper (Mark 1) 

Healing & restoration

A vase falls from the
table, crashes to the floor,
splinters into a dozen pieces.
It is broken.

The owner of the vase
carefully gathers all the
pieces, sets them on the
table, finds some glue, pulls
up a chair, and from base
to opening gradually
restores the vase to its

Lines transcend the pattern
on the vase, evidence of the fall,
and it can no longer hold
the volume of water it did
before; but the vase still holds
flowers, fulfills the potter’s
dream, and offers its gift.

There is a healing that comes when we are able to get up off the floor, having been knocked down by life’s challenges, illnesses and injuries.

There is a healing that comes through the restoring touch of someone who loves us and cares for us; through the gaze that sees the scars we bare not as evidence of weakness, but of the strength it takes to embrace life having been broken by life.

There is a healing we find when we encounter the Divine, Holiness piercing the ordinary like lightning in a night sky, sparking hope, igniting change, illuminating meaning – enabling us to piece our self back together and live, healed, whole – if only tenuously, for a moment.

Healing comes when we are loved, by others, by our selves. Healing comes when we love – the task of restoring a broken vase often holds within it a restoration of the one who mends.


Anonymous said…
Thank you once again, dear Sarah, for your insights.So helpful in helping those seeking healing and wholeness.

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