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inspired by a creative Spirit

having just taught a weekend of workshops on Worship, Spirituality and the Arts, it seems appropriate that in my role as a minister in a congregation I have been feeling particularly inspired by the creative Spirit for our gathered worship in recent times. the reality with inspiration, and with the Spirit, is that sometimes it is close enough to make you feel like it will burst right through you, other times, it is a slippery little sucker you just can't hang on to, and still other times, it feels like a distant memory ...

For our gathered worship two weeks ago, I really did have an experience of receiving a message and having no choice but to faithfully deliver it. It was following the death of Osama bin Laden, and I had been ashamed of my own initial response to the news, not to mention the dismay many have felt at the reaction in certain quarters, rejoicing at the death of a fellow human (albeit one who acted despicably). So I led us in a reflection that looked at the story of …

a weekend of learning @ Uniting College - get there, grow & go!

I am putting together the Worship, Spirituality and the Arts stream for Uniting College's annual Grow & Go weekend. This is a weekend - Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon - for learning for lay and ordained people. It's a great investment in the health and growth of Christian communities in South Australia, mostly in the Uniting Church, but anyone can come along.
Steve Taylor blogged about it here, he's preparing for it too, as are a whole bunch of people who will be facilitating different streams for various aspects of life on the Way in community.
Mark Hewitt will be leading the Creativity & worship/spirituality workshop with me; he's the minister at Spicer Uniting, is a visual artist, and is embarking on a fresh expression of church centred around a multi-media artful worship space, Quarterly.
I've been jotting down notes all week from the musings of my sub-conscious / the genius assigned to me. Notes on how our worship spaces can be enhanced w…

Marcus Borg - Christianity as a Spiritual Path

a friend shared this on facebook. expresses thoughts i have - i'd rather talk about christian spirituality than christian belief too.

seasonal pioneering

this is an emerging thought, but perhaps worth sharing in its infancy and opening up conversation - what might it be like to be a pioneer leader who isn't always a pioneer leader? what might it be like, i have been invited to imagine, to work with the rhythms of my energy flows and engage in pioneer leading, fresh expressions of church, in seasons of higher energy?
the predominant (and this isn't a criticism, it is actually a reality) typology for pioneer leaders in new forms of church in our western context is male, married, entrepreneurial, charismatic and young.
i am female, single, creative, dreaming, networking and young. not much in common with the trend. i am also a person who lives with depression, have done my whole adult life, so there is a particular shape to the usual ups and downs of human living i my lived experience.
and i have been identified as a pioneer leader, this is part of my call to ordained ministry. and rather than fighting against the typology or with…