ncyc11 day five

Bible study number three today. We heard the portion of Matthew's gospel in which Jesus talks about judging others, and then about asking God, seeking God, knocking expecting the door to open. Last night Gillian was talking about asking - that it is OK to ask God for what we long for, God knows what we need before we ask it, but wants us to speak our needs to God. With today's focus on turning it up, the not judging others reminds us to listen to others before speaking ourselves, hearing more than we say I guess.
Then the prophet from the time when the people of Judah were in exile shared the story of hearing the message from God of comfort for the people and how it was important to understand that the people would find the message difficult to hear.
After this we invited the group to think about the message they have been hearing at NCYC, and their communities, and how they might go about sharing this message with their communities in a way that will help them to hear it. We suggested things like a short film, personal sharing by talking to a group, shaping worship or a bible study, creating a website, or writing a letter or article. Some of the girls had already started thinking about a short film for their church, so they kept working on that; another uses facebook for writing reflections on her experiences with God, so she started to write something on her NCYC experience; another group designed a facebook page for the kingdom of God with links to youtube clips of dramas or music, pictures, and more; we had worship ideas and free hugs and a flash mob plan ... It was such a delight to move around between the groups and hear what they were planning! Nathan and I were thrilled with the way the young people engaged with the activities today - and I am still smiling hours later!


Marnie said…
I am inspired by your enthusiasm for these young people, and your preparedness to see past differences in language and even theological perspectives. I hope when they return to their home churches, their own people catch their enthusiasm, listen and hear what they are saying, encourage them with more than just words and learn from them too.

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